A British artist based in Penang, Malaysia, South East Asia.


He shares a gallery with two other local artists at 13 Armenian Street, Georgetown.


When not completing projects on site he paints from home or in his studio.


He has collaborated with the likes of IKEA, Netflix, Marvel, Four Seasons, WWF, and most recently Otter Products and Switch World (to name a few).


His paintings on canvas have found their way all over the world and his murals can be seen in South East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


Having recently published a book entitled the "Chinese Zodiac and More" based on a 2014 body of work he has been nicknamed the "Zodiac Artist".


He feels that embracing and celebrating cultural diversity is of major importance in today's world. "The immersion of oneself in the culture of others, with genuine interest and respect, allows for understanding and personal enrichment. A world where we can wander without boundaries, with kindness and respect, along with a thirst for friendship, culture and the stories of others – this is a world for our children".


His current personal works often utilise Chinese Opera characters. He has started exploring themes around globalisation, consumerism, perceptions within society, human systems, societal control, finance, business and politics especially in the Western world.




Better Together Challenge, World Culture Open

- Better Together Advisory Member, in PyeongChang, South Korea 


- Traveling Group Show in conjunction with Penang Arts District and Hin Bus Depot

Book Publication

- "Chinese Zodiac and More" showcasing various murals and other works

Vogue Lounge Murals

- Collaboration with Malaysian fashion photographer Daniel Adams to produce 2 murals

OtterBox and Switch World collaboration

- Painted large scale canvas with 300 magnetised painted phone cases, enabling dual images when attached to the wall and creating limited edition phone cases

IKEA collaboration

- limited edition prints


- Mural in newly constructed Batu Kawan Store in Malaysia


NDSM, Street Art Today, Amsterdam

- large canvas for the upcoming (worlds largest) Street Art Museum


Amsterdam Urban Art Festival

- A group exhibition including 40 artists from around the world and a Mural painted for the show


Studio and Gallery Opened

- 13 Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia


WWF Art for Nature

- Sold artwork in ‘Nurturing Nature’ charity exhibition



Various Murals in Malaysia and Singapore


Shell 125 years in Malaysia

- Mural project at various Shell stations by various artists celebrating 125 years in Malaysia


Muar Mural Project

- Large scale mural project on the Dataran Tanjung Emas building


Tiger White shoot

- Online advertising campaign


‘Doorway to Penang’

- Sculptural painted project utilising murals, old Malaysian doors and traditional Malaysian imagery



‘AB+C Arts Exhibition & Charity Auction’

- Donation of ‘Before and After’, acrylic and print on canvas, 87 x 112cm


Four Seasons

- Artwork produced for over 100 rooms in the new Four Seasons hotel in KL


‘Chinese Zodiac Penang’

– A mural painting project in conjunction with Murobond paints spanning the George Town Festival, Penang, Malaysia


‘Indian Summers’

– Produced various artwork for the Channel 4 TV programme


‘From Here to There’

– Solo exhibition, Hin Bus Depot, Penang, Malaysia



‘Indian Summers’

– Produced various artwork for the Channel 4 TV programme


‘East Meets West’

– Group exhibition, a2 Gallery, Penang, Malaysia


‘The Chinese Zodiac’

– Solo exhibition for George Town Festival & Macalister Mansion, Penang, Malaysia


‘Art For Addicts Sake’

– Charity Auction for ‘Focus 12’, London, UK


‘Think About It’

– Group exhibition, Hin Bus Depot, Penang, Malaysia



Art Accent

– Group exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Art Square

– Group exhibition with Ernest Zacharevic, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



‘Explore. Dream. Discover’

– An ongoing exhibition in various locations



‘Explore. Dream. Discover’

– An ongoing exhibition in various locations


Penang joint exhibition / book launch

– Included Howard Tan’s photography and Thomas Powell’s map pieces for Penang guidebook by Keith Hockton and Howard Tan


Start project ‘I Believe’

– Concert, dance and exhibition, performed and created by working with underprivileged children for a brighter future



RBS - Malihom Artist in Residence (AiR) Programme

– Spent 6 months in Penang, working towards a double themed exhibition ‘Outsider’ and ‘The Goliard’



‘Featured Artist’

– Riverside Gallery, exhibition curated by Alan Dalgetty, Holmfirth, UK


Group exhibition

– Riverside Gallery, exhibition curated by Alan Dalgetty, Holmfirth, UK




– Group exhibition with Vanilla Galleries, Loughborough, UK


‘Art Relay’

– A promotional painting relay project with Vanilla Galleries, Loughborough, UK


Vanilla Galleries

– Initially a collective of around 30 artists whom acquired gallery space for exhibitions and events

- Involved in the initial set up and running of events.



– Work produced for the London based online gallery


2006 - 2008

Urban Canvas

– Involved in the initial set up and various projects undertaken by the mural painting artist collective